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Flytying materials for Predator fish

Want to catch predator fish with FutureFly flytying materials? On this page we have selected flytying products that are particularly suitable for catching predator fish.

No matter if you are chasing Pike or Perch or any other predator fish on the fly, we have all you need. We like simple flies and with our Flytying materials for Predator you get a good selection of flytying materials that are based on simple - and fishy flies in high quality. We will be adding new flytying materials and products all the time to this category. Pike flyfishing are extremely popular and for sure we at Futurefly love it..


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  1. FF Brass Beads - Predator

    Brass Breads - Predator
  2. 3D Epoxy Eyes

    FF 3D Epoxy Eyes is a high quality product. The Flourocent in these eyes are very strong. We have theme in 3 - 4 - 6 - 9mm There are 20 Eyes in each pack
  3. American Opossum

    - superb hair for average sized flies. Slightly curly underwool with longer and shiny spike hairs, almost like polar bear. Its soft, but not to soft. From mother natures hand this type of hair has got black tips. This is the best skind we have seen in a very long time, and the popularity is growing every day. The American Opussum is here to stay.
  4. Articulated Shanks

    Articulated Shank are used in Fly Tying for giving more mobility to big streamers. Is very easy to be used by any fly tier: just attached to the main hook using fly tying thread and then you can fix on it what materials you need. Also these articulates shanks can be attached one to each other to obtain more longer bodies.
  5. Bad Boy Predator

    Partridge Bad Boy Predator
  6. Classic TinselFlash

    Classic TinselFlash is a great flash for all kind of flies.Perfect flash for pikeflies. Its flat and strong
  7. FF Hybrid Chenille

    FF Hybrid Chenille
  8. FF Nano GSP Thread

    FF GSP Thread is the strongest thread available. Differently to other brands the thread has been designed with a slight twist preventing it from opening up during tying.
  9. FF Predator Flash

    FF Predator Flash is perfect for perch - seatorut - baitfish flies. Very easy too work with. You can cut it in the shape you like.. Extremely Strong
  10. FF Predator Neddles

    Our Predator needle comes with an adapter. It holds our predator tubes perfectly..
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