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MV Fly

The MV Fly is a true seatrout fly - born many years ago. The flat plasticdisc in the front of the fly makes sure to keep the shape and silhouette, and it also makes sure you can feel the fly at all time when fishing.. The best hook to be used on this fly is a Guideline Tube double turned up side.. In this pack you get: 10x 6mm MV Disc Glow in Dark - 10x Tungsten Balance tube 2mm - 10x 1,8mm Clear Plastic Tube - 1pk Signature Dubbing After Midnight - 1pk Ultra Mix Fl.Green - 1pk Mylar tube Pearl - 1pk FutureFibre White - 1x Signature Thread Red - 1pk Tanuki hair Black - 12x Signature Hensaddle feathers - 1pk clear silicone - 1pk Round Rubberlegs Green Then you are ready to tie one of the best seatrout flies out there...


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