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Raidzap Flex Thick


Raidzap thick

Raidzap flex

Raidzap Flex, the most flexible UV resin of all of them for flytying. Cures extremely fast and leaves like all the other Raidzap products a Tack Free Surface. Flex cures flexible in the surface. So it has the opportunity to stretch the surface. Perfect for those who would like a flexible body on baitfish and shrimp flies etc.

Raidzap Flex is a high quality UV resin for both beginners and experienced flytiers. Developed from the bottom with plenty of consideration, developed for flytying and with the right tip under the lid.

Use Flex for your flyline as well. Where you have made a new loop on the flyline. Give it a bit with the Flex and It will never go apart. Raidzap Flex, can be used on all flies. Baitfish, shrimps, gammarus. Where there is a flexible surface instead of hard.

  • Flexible strong
  • Crystal clear visibility
  • Cures flex and clear
  • Thin tip
  • 0.5 oz

SKU: 9400-026

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Usage instructions

Apply the amount of UV resin you should use on the fly, advantage it with a flytying needle or use the thin tip. Use the FF multi lamp to cure. After the UV resin is cured, it is important that you do not begin to put your fingers in the UV resin on the fly as the UV resin is hot and works during the cooling time.

You get a bad result if you begin to put your fingers down in the UV resin before it's finished working. Leave the layer you have cooled down and apply a new layer if necessary.

  • Keep away from children
  • Dont use Raidzap Flex on skin or eyes
  • Use a ventilated room to work in
  • Raidzap Flex is only for flytying
  • Don´t leave the bottle in direct sunlight


  • Build bodies on shrimps, streamers, gammarus, baitfish, nymphs, and sandeel flies
  • Build heads on streamers, baitfish and sandeel flies
  • Cures in sunlight or UV flashlight