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FF Zonker Flies


FF Zonker Flies Assortment

FF Zonker Flies Single

FF Zonker Flies. FF Zonker Flies is a high quality product. We have been working on these flies for over 2 years. They are are all made of 100% FutureFly products. All the flies are tied with a zonkerwing of tapered American Opossum.They are with artificial JC.

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Image Color SKU  
Yellow 6cm 6200-001
Light Fiery 6cm 6200-002
Sunburst 6cm 6200-003
Black/Silver 6cm 6200-004
Black/Yellow 6cm 6200-005
Olive 6cm 6200-006
Black/Blue 6cm 6200-007
Olive 4cm 6210-001
Black/Yellow 4cm 6210-002
Black/Silver 4cm 6210-003
Red 4cm 6210-004
Black/Red/Blue 4cm 6210-005
Sunburst 4cm 6210-006
Silver Ghost 4cm 6210-007
Silver Ghost 6cm 6200-008
Purple/Black 6cm 6200-009
Yellow 4cm 6210-008
Phatagorva 4 cm 6210-009

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