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American Opossum

- superb hair for average sized flies. Slightly curly underwool with longer and shiny spike hairs, almost like polar bear. Its soft, but not to soft. From mother natures hand this type of hair has got black tips. This is the best skind we have seen in a very long time, and the popularity is growing every day. The American Opussum is here to stay.

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Image Color SKU  
Olive#2 301-000
Sun Burst 302-000N
Black 306-000C
Yellow 307-000N
Chartreuse 309-000N
Honey Gold C 310-000C
Honey Gold 310-000N
Orange/Brown 312-000C
Orange 312-000N
Purple 315-000C
White 319-000N
BG Green 320-000
King Fisher Blue 321-000N
Neon Yellow 322-000N
Em Claret 323-000N
Red 324-000N
Grey 325-000N
Hot Yellow/Hot Orange 326-002T
Dirty Yellow 327-000C
Pink 328-000C
Magenta Pink 330-000N
Hot Orange Hot Yellow B 331-0002TC
Olive #1 332-000N
Baitfish 334-000N
Light Pink 335-000N
Ginger 336-000N
Golden Olive 337-000N
Autum Superior 302-001N
Yellow/Black 303-000
White-Pink Tips 304-000
Phatagorva 305-000
Banana Yellow 338-000
Gold 309-000C
Tan 340-000

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