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  1. FF Flytying Bag

    Our flytying bag is made for flytiers by flytiers. It´s high quality, practical, and you can store all your materials in a very clever way. YKK zippers - strong waterprof material - binder system with medium and big pockets This is the best flytying bag on the market, in our opinion 36x45x25cm
  2. FF Plastic Box

    Smart plastic box for your flies. 6x13cm
  3. FF Pockets 3 x Large

    FF Pockets 3 x Large
  4. FF Pockets 3 x Small

    FF Pockets
  5. FF Predator Sticker/10x40 cm

    FF Predator Sticker. Size 10x40 cm
  6. FF Predator Sticker/Size 5x20 cm

    FF Predator Sticker. Size 5x20 cm
  7. FF Salmon/Seatrout Sticker 10×30 cm.

    FF Salmon/Seatrout Sticker. Size 10×30 cm.
  8. FF Salmon/Seatrout Sticker 5×15cm.

    FF Salmon/Seatrout Sticker 5×15 cm.
  9. FF Silicone Patch

    FF Silicone patch is made out of strong silicone, and be washed and epoxy and UV glue dont stick on it. Perfect when you want to protect your table at home, our when you are out tying flies with friends.. It will not move on the table. 40x60cm. 430g
  10. Stickers/13×13 cm

    Stickers. Drifting for Pike. Size 13 × 13 cm.
Set Descending Direction


Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

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